Bulk Blending Frtilizer, Organic Blend

N10 - P10 - K10



<<Custom Made>>

   We can produce Custom-Made fertilizer what you want. please feel free to contact us.

<<Name of Product>>

   Bulk Blending Fertilizer, Organic Blend 


<<NPK content>>

   N10 - P10 - K10


<<Type of fertilizer>>

   Bulk Blending fertilizer


 <<Size of granule>>

   2mm - 5mm


<<Raw materials>>

   Amino fertilizer, DAP, and else


<<Release type>>

   Fast release



       approx 60% Oganic and Amino fertilizer



   20kg PE bag/ no designed

   1000kg jumbo bag/ no designed.


   We can design the PE bag what you want as Custom Made.





<<Registration of law>>

   Under the Japanese fertilizer's law.



   Made in Japan