CRF for Fruit Vegetables/ Slow release fertilizer

N16 - P12 - K12

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     No need Top dressing/extra fertilizer
     Long effective(120day)
     Amino fertilizer by Organic 19% include
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Above graph is the Slow release situation of fertilizer by Release Simulator at Japanese city from 10th October.

We can simulate this fertilizer at your city what you want. please feel free to contact us. We can simulate it for you as free.

<<Name of Product>>

   One shot 120days

   (controlled slow release fertilizer)


<<NPK content>>

   N16 - P12 - K12  Mg3


<<Type of fertilizer>>

   Bulk Blending fertilizer


 <<Size of granule>>

   2mm - 5mm


<<Raw materials>>

   1)) Controlled slow release fertilizer(PCU),

   2)) MAP

   3)) and else


<<Release type>>

   Slow release, Long effective, 120 days



   19% amino fertilizer



   10kg PE bag/ designed by Japanese

   20kg PE bag/ simple designed by Japanese

   1000kg jumbo bag/ no designed.


   We can design the PE bag what you want as Custom Made.





<<Registration of law>>

   Under the Japanese fertilizer's law.



   Made in Japan


<<Custom Made>>

   We can produce Custom-Made fertilizer what you want. please don't hesitate to contact us.