Pure Organic100% Fertilizer

with activated Bacteria

N5 - P7 - K3

     Long time composted fertilizer

     Plants and Animal Organic 100%

     with activated Bacteria

   Activated Bacteria

   This fertilizer include many kinds of Activated Bacteria. If this fertilizer be exposed to direct sunlight, Activated Bacteria wil be decrease. Please mix it with Soil. Bacteria makes excellent soil/root condition in the soil.


   Type of Activated Bacteria

   1)) Photosynthetic bacteria

   2)) Lactic acid bacteria

   3)) Yeast fungus

   4)) Filamentous fungus


<<Name of Product>>

   Pure Organic100% fertilizer573


<<NPK content>>

   N5 - P7 - K3


<<Type of fertilizer>>

   Composted Organic fertilizer


 <<Size of granule>>

   5mm - 7mm, pelletized


<<Raw materials>>

   1)) Soy bean meal

   2)) Rape seed meal

   3)) Fishes, Crab, Rice bran and else


<<Release type>>

   Slow effective



   100% Organic fertilizer



   20kg PE bag





<<Registration of law>>

   Under the Japanese fertilizer's law.